Photo by Greyerbaby on Pixabay

I stood before the Prophet, asking to be healed.
My body was unclean. My heart was full of pain.
I fell upon my knees and begged for absolution,
And the Prophet told me, “Go and wash in the Jordan River.”

The water there is dirty, so how can I be clean?
Rubbing filth upon myself cannot remove my stains.
I turned away disgusted, but then I heard the call,
“What God has cleansed you shall not call unclean.”

Immediate remorseful tears sprang into my eyes.
Such a small thing I was asked, and it was for my gain.
I dove into the murky depths and found that I could see
Clearer than I ever had before.

The River washed away all my fear and grief,
The water melted off all binding chains,
And now I am surrounded by so great a cloud
Of those who witness of the love and grace.

The water was not dirty, nor yet was I unclean.
My heart was only lost without a Light to see
That what I needed was outside of what I knew.
What I thought was filthy is what has refined me,
And taught me how to love what I disdained.

Poet, lover, thinker, human.

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