My Favourite LGBTQ+ Rep on Fantasy TV Right Now

They have more than just a single token queer

Alex has a serious relationship with Maggie Sawyer and they are even engaged until they discover that Alex wants kids and Maggie does not. Unable to find a compromise, they break up.

Alex and Maggie in happy times

I have to admit I hate the stupid trope of someone breaking up with a romantic partner because they have a dangerous job/calling. You’re afraid you’ll lose them, so you dump them? Makes no sense to me.

Curtis and Paul before it all went sideways
Nia looking gorgeous

In one story arc, we learn that in John’s past he had a great love affair with a man named Desmond but John was forced to send him to Hell and he never got over it. He is now unhappily single.

A queer kiss saves the world

But then Sara ended up on the boat with Oliver, lost at sea when it sank, and she was found by the League of Assassins. While Oliver was learning the skills he would later use as a vigilante and a superhero, Sara joined the League and learned skills she would later use as a vigilante, a superhero, and a Legend.

When Sara returns to Starling City, it is revealed that she had a romantic relationship with Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Nyssa. But then, she gets back together with Oliver. This time, however, her own story is at least as interesting as his despite the fact that he is the main title character. Sara becomes the Canary and then the Black Canary, and fights alongside Oliver’s the Hood/the Arrow.

Then, Sara is killed. And I was disappointed and frustrated. It looked like a classic “bury your gays” thing. Until they resurrect her with magic. Then she’s killed again. But then, Rip Hunter goes back in time and pulls her out of the timeline before her death to recruit her to join the Legends. And now she’s the leader/captain of the team.

She has had encounters/flings with Supergirl’s sister Alex Danvers and with John Constantine, and is currently in a serious relationship with Ava Sharpe.

Sara and Ava
Saying “Goodbye” but only temporarily

I would venture to say from all of the above that the Arrowverse and, more specifically, Legends of Tomorrow, is the most queer-friendly fantasy on TV right now.

There are at least 3 LGBTQ+ characters in this pic

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