Some Evil Guy Did It So It’s Bad

I have a few of those men (they’re always men) on my Facebook who think they’re right all the time and use links to Wikipedia to prove it. This one guy (I’ll call him Nick) uses links to his own writing as well. Anyway, Nick said this morning that being gay is wrong because Nero was gay and Nero did evil stuff.

Wait, what? Hitler painted. Does that make painting evil? Attila rode a horse. I guess riding a horse is evil too. Idi Amin wore clothes. Whoops. We all have to go naked now if we want to be good. Pol Pot had his hair cut. Oh no. Short hair is a sign of a black heart.

I pointed this false equivalency out, of course, and of course Nick ignored me in favour of posting more links. To my delight, Facebook flagged a link to Nick’s Pinterest as spam. Well, it kinda was spam to be honest.

Some would say I shouldn’t bother engaging with people like Nick. I’ve known him for years, and I know he’s not going to change his beliefs because of anything I say. But Facebook is a public forum, and my other friends can see what I say, and if I don’t reply to him they might assume I agree with him.

Also, the post in question now has enough comments that it’s probably at the top of everyone’s newsfeed. So they can all see what a fool Nick is being. And maybe laugh at him.

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