My Fashion Faux Pas

Wearing flip flops with jeans has been “cancelled”

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My cute feet

I was watching dumb videos on YouTube recently when I stumbled across an interview with Queer Eye’s Fab Four. They were discussing things and whether to “keep” or “cancel” them. It was a silly, entertaining video until they mentioned wearing flip flops with jeans. All four of them immediately and decisively cancelled this fashion faux pas, shook their heads in disbelief at the idea of anyone doing such a horrific thing, and moved on.

I was left baffled.

I understand why wearing socks with sandals is wrong. I get why you shouldn’t pair shorts with a suit jacket. But what in all the worlds is wrong with wearing flip flops with jeans??

Some people will say you shouldn’t wear flip flops at all, because they are bad for your feet. I agree that they can be hard on your feet. My mom had some issues with her feet from wearing flip flops. There’s something about the way your toes scrunch to hold a loose flip flop on your foot that really messes up your tendons. That’s why when I’m trying on flip flops in the store, I make sure they’re snug and that I can walk around easily without gripping them with my toes. It helps if I go for a size smaller than my usual shoe size.

But the Fab Four didn’t even bring up foot problems. They just all made similar faces of disgust at the idea of flip flops with jeans. As if it was the ugliest idea ever.

Now, it’s not like either flip flops or jeans are high fashion. Although, I do have some really nice flip flops (see photo at top of this page). Telling me I can’t put them together is kinda like saying I can’t eat bologna on white bread. What am I supposed to wear flip flops with? A ballgown?

In case anyone is wondering: I’m gonna keep wearing flip flops with jeans. I hate being told what to do, and I don’t see any reason to stop.

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