I’m Not Experimenting

Bi Without Sexual Experience is Still Bi

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Whenever anyone asks what superpower I would most like to have, I always choose flight. I could conquer my fear of heights if I knew I didn’t have to fear falling. And, I already have the power of invisibility.

I am a woman married to a man. To anyone looking, I appear to be 100% straight. I’m not.

I’ve only ever had one sexual partner, but no, I’m not straight. I’m bi. I’d still be bi if I died without ever having had sex with — or even kissing — anyone. Attraction does not equal action.

Even more shocking: I’ve only dated three people and they were all men. I married the third one because I fell in love with him. That didn’t magically make me straight, though.

The other day I saw a beautiful person. I had no idea what gender, if any, they were, and I didn’t care. They were stunning. I couldn’t stop looking at them. I didn’t speak to them, and I had no intention of doing anything other than looking. I see beautiful people all the time, and sometimes I even point them out to my husband. It’s fun to talk about girls with him. I’m still monogamous, and I’m still bi.

Dating a man? Still bi. Crushing on a girl in uni? Still bi. Marrying a man? Still bi. Never cheating? Still bi. No interest in threesomes? Still bi. Demi/ace? Still bi.

Attraction does not equal action.

Poet, lover, thinker, human. https://thewordartist.net

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