I made a very similar choice as a teenager. For me, it came out of my church background, but was also not a difficult thing to do. I have literally felt sexual attraction to only two people in my life. The idea of sex didn’t repulse me in the least, but I simply had no desire to have it with anyone I met.

My first boyfriend was mostly patient with me though he didn’t really understand. I did have to push his wandering hands away a few times, but he always backed off when I did. I broke up with him for reasons unrelated to this. He and my now husband are the two people I mentioned above.

(I’ve come to the realization in the last few years that I am what is known as “demisexual” as I feel sexual attraction to someone only after I know them very well, form a strong emotional connection, and feel safe with them.)

I was a virgin for thirty years, and I have had sex with only one person in my life, and I don’t feel that I’ve missed out on anything.

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