Fascinating article. I’ve always considered myself a book-lover and a “voracious reader” (something I was dubbed in my childhood). I used to read everything I could get my hands on and, even now, if I have nothing else, I find myself reading posters on the wall or the backs of boxes in doctor’s offices. However, this is only when I don’t have my phone with me. My ebook apps hold a nearly infinite number of words to read and I don’t have to haul heavy weights around with me. No one knows what I’m reading (in fact, they might think I’m playing Candy Crush). I’m planning to get rid of most of the boxes of books in my basement that I hauled halfway across the country and from one house to another. I’ll keep the real favourites, but they’re not doing me any good stacked in piles down there anyway. I’ve already replaced them with digital versions.

Poet, lover, thinker, human. https://thewordartist.net

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