Anomaly Playlist

I chose BFoundAPen’s Anomaly. Kris is a strong young man who doesn’t let anything get him down. I think Katy Perry’s “Firework” is appropriate.

How Kris feels about Melody makes me think of one of my favourite songs that gets a lot of radio play lately: Kane Brown’s “Good As You”:

“Take My Breath Away” also fits how Kris feels when he sees Melody.

Another favourite, Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” could kinda be an anthem for the whole story.

And there’s always “Eye of the Tiger”:

For something a little different, Sinatra’s “My Way” could be Kris’ anthem at the end of the story.

I’m tagging Artemis Shishir, Fred Shirley, Gwen Saoirse, and anyone else who wants to try this. :)

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